Is Anything Too Hard For The Lord

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Pastor Eric’s Latest Sermons

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There are times when we need a word of God. A Specific word for a specific need. Topical sermons are ministered from time based on the moving of God throug our church and God never fails to touch the hearts of the people with these words. Please take a look through the various titles and see what God will speak to you.
Could today be your day?
Delivered of Fear
But God, Why Not?
What does YOUR future look like?
Go Get YOUR Future!
It's Time To Elevate
Know Your Enemies (FASTING)
The Little Man Syndrome
Mama's Love
It's all in the Seed
Taken, Blessed, Broken, and Multiplied
The danger of becoming famliar with God
What is in your hand?
Reaching Beyond Ourselves
The Son Of the Promise
Times of Transition

PCN Christmas Conference 2011

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PCN 1st Annual Christmas Conference w/ Pastor Fernando & Elizabeth Villicana was unbelievable! Below are two of the three messages they ministered to our congregation while they were here. Go ahead and take a listen God Bless
01 - The Indescribable gift
02 - Time to clean house!


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Acceleration in any area of your life never happens by accident. You choose to either stay still or move forward. In christianity it is no different. God intends not only for us to progress but to accelerate quickly in our walk. In this Series Pastor Eric gives us several keys to unmatched acceleration
01 - Gotta Know Your Engine
02 - Slow down to speed up
03 - Stranded but never alone
04 - Who you rollin' wit?

2011-PCFF Longevity Conference

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With the theme "Longevity" firmly in place, it was truly a time of reflection and greatfulness for the Lords faithfulness in our past. However a great anticipation and expectation for what God will be doing with the churches of the Fullerton Fellowship in the upcoming year was also on full display. Please feel free to grab a cup of coffee or your favorite beverage and take a listen to what God did in our midst!
01 - Monday Night
02 - Tuesday Night
03 - Wednesday Night
04 - Thursday Morning
05 - Thursday Night
06 - Friday Morning
07 - Friday Morning
08 - Friday Night

Tongue Pierced

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Gotta watch your mouth!
01 - The Power Of My Words
02 - Oh No They Didnt!
03 - The Art of the F Bomb
04 - What does gratefulness sound like?
05 - Ensuring our words endure


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God has made all believers to be people of influence. The bible says 'You ARE the light of the world', which means we bring influence! We are suppossed to use our influence to light things up!. In this series Pastor Eric breaks down this concept and challenges us to walk in the influence we have.
01 - The Power Of Influence
02 - I Must Influence Myself
03 - I Must Envision My Future
04 - I Must Activate My Gifts
05 - I Must Deepen My Faith
06 - I Must Engage My World
07 - I Must Reproduce My Influence

Open B4 Christmas

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The beauty of the Christmas story is so simple. It was God's own son leaving heaven's throne and coming to save a people who even though they didnt love him, needed his sacrifice desperately. The virtue that His sacrifice gives us is eternal life, however that isn't all. He gives us gifts that he wants us to share with the world all around us. "Open B4 Christmas" is a sermon series that reminds us that although we have this gift to give, we shouldn't wait until christmas to unwrap it.
01 - Showing I care for my family
02 - Showing I care for my neighbors
03 - Showing I care for for my world
04 - Knowing my savior cares for me


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Tired of being STUCK? Then it's time to get out. Give it a listen and get started right now.
01 - Getting unstuck in my faith
02 - Getting unstuck in my finances
03 - Getting Unstuck in my family
04 - Getting Unstuck in my friendship
05 - Getting Unstuck in my future

The Great Recovery

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Its what we are all about & It all starts with you
The Great Recovery

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